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Top 5 Ridiculously Expensive Gym Equipment

By September 11, 2018 No Comments

Everyone knows that to get fit and stay healthy, one needs to invest a considerable amount of time and money to achieve that enviable goal weight. We trek to the gym and run ourselves ragged on gym equipment because, in terms of training enhancement, equipment in the gym really does help.

But there’s expensive gym equipment, and then there’s luxurious gym equipment.

Take a peek at our countdown for the world’s most outrageously priced gym equipment so far.

via Global Spa

via Global Spa

The Top 5

There isn’t a doubt that the lives of the rich and what they can afford is astounding. In terms of aesthetic value, these would be quite lovely to look at, but in terms of performance, can these things live up?

5 – Leggings ($1,500)

via Shop Spring & Lyst

via Shop Spring & Lyst

The price of this luxury item for women doesn’t come close to the prices of the other items on this list, but it’s ranked fifth in here for a reason.

Because what middle-class person would pay $1,500 for a pair of leggings that you can get for $39 or less. Fitness-wise, it doesn’t make much of a difference — besides the value of course.

4 – Hypoxi Trainers ($56,000)

via Cudo

via Cudo

Developed by Dr. Norbert Egger in the 1990s, Hypoxi Trainers are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries. The reason why it’s priced that way is that of its popularity for getting rid of stubborn fat. The $56,000 device was designed to target the general problem areas of both men and women. It gets rid of abdominal fat, hips, thighs, buttocks, and cellulite.

3 – Vibrogym Diamond ($70,000)

via Luxury Launches & LibyMax

via Luxury Launches & LibyMax

This device puts a whole new meaning to ‘working out with style.’

Vibrating-platform exercise machines claim to take the ‘work’ out of working out. But as many people would like to put it, the VibroGym Diamond VG Evolution does give you that. It gives the feeling of exercising so hard you vomit your guts — without the exercise. A look at the price will probably cause bouts of unwanted nausea.

It’s covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals and throws sparkles under bright lights. But the question is: does it serve a purpose?

It is a high-end vibration plate ideally suited for both training and rehabilitation in gyms, hotels, or spas. The VibroGym has garnered positive reviews from its users. But we’re thinking the diamond-studded body can be a bit much, don’t you think?

2 – Hock Gold lofts 18-carat Golden Dumbbells ($108,000)

via JustLuxe

via JustLuxe

These luxury dumbbells are, arguably, the most beautiful dumbbells we’ve ever seen in our lives. The Goldloft dumbbells are comprised of 100 percent grenadilla wood and finished in 18-karat yellow gold. The set is handmade in Germany and limited to 50 pieces.

You might want to save up pretty pennies if you want these bad boys.

1 – Punching Bag ($175,000)

via World of Battles & 1st Dibs

via World of Battles & 1st Dibs

And the grand winner of this list: Karl Lagerfeld’s luxury punching bag for Louis Vuitton. This exclusive boxing set designed by the iconic designer himself includes a set of gloves, a custom-made leather trunk with a punching bag inside, and cleverly designed Louis Vuitton gym bags.

It’s the perfect luxury item for a celebrity to buy on a whim, but for the middle-class worker who balances gym fees and everyday life, it might not be such a practical idea. Nevertheless, it’s effectivity is the same as its more affordable counterparts.

So there…

And on that note,

These luxury gym equipment items are sure to add aesthetic beauty to any gym, and easily becomes the centerpiece of any workout room.

But on the other hand, the outrageous prices might be enough to put some of us off. Pointless or no, they are amusing to look at, and they make fun motivational items.

We all can dream, right?

But working hard, spending wisely, and saving more will probably get you that expensive gym equipment that you want.

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