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5 Easy Steps to Get You Started on Your Workout Plan

By September 4, 2018 No Comments

People workout for different reasons. The two most common reasons out of the many have to be losing unwanted weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

But the frequent question remains the same. “Where do I start?”

Getting started

Getting Started

Watching experienced people workout can be quite daunting for somebody who’s just starting out. There isn’t a doubt that the common reaction for the beginner would be to have an immediate desire to follow the gym rat’s routine because it “looks” effective.

Contrary to what most beginners believe, working out takes a plan of action. It’s well-known knowledge that one cannot simply lose fifty pounds overnight. Your muscles don’t get lean after an hour’s workout on the treadmill.

You can have a professional formulate a tailor-made workout plan for you if you have the budget for it. But if you’re a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, then here’s how you can create a workout plan of your own.

Decide on the time

Decide on the time

Assess your life situation. Do you have an insurmountable amount of time to dedicate to working out? Or perhaps you work a nine to five job and you have a family and a dog to take care of so you can only dedicate thirty minutes of your day to your workout regimen. That’s fine…

What’s important is that you have strengthened your resolve in dedicating a couple of hours or minutes to getting fit. As long as you’re serious about doing it, there are hardly any issues with time.

Decide on the place

Decide on a place

Determine an exact location to achieve your body goals. Will you be working out at home? Or will you be taking a trip to the gym every morning?

Wherever you choose to burn calories and develop your body’s muscles, it has to be a place where you’ll feel comfortable and “free.” Make sure its a place where you can do your workout efficiently.

Avoid complicated exercises

Avoid complicated exercises

Since you’re starting out, you might want to keep it simple. Stick to the basics for now, and work your way up from there as you go along and as your body develops.

Don’t rush things and jump into high-intensity workouts right off the bat. Pushing yourself too hard can pose several health hazards. So during exercises, be fully aware of each workout method and pay attention to your body’s warning signs.

You really won’t get anywhere trying to develop seven muscles at once in one starter workout.

Time to create a schedule

Time to create a schedule

Now that you’ve decided on three of the most basic factors, it’s time formulate a workout routine. Create a routine you can easily faithfully stick to. Working out every day isn’t bad, but for a beginner, this can be exhausting. Your body hasn’t adjusted to the new routine yet. And pushing it might have more negative consequences than positive ones.

Design a workout routine with day intervals in between. A Monday-Wednesday-Friday regimen can be a good idea, or a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday as well.

Don't overdo it

Don’t overdo it

Something you might want to know is that you don’t build your muscles up when you workout. You’re actually breaking them down, along with the fat. You build better muscles while you’re resting.

As mentioned before, give your body time to recuperate. Give it time to gather its bearings. But above all, don’t stress yourself out. Don’t pressure yourself to an unhealthy degree. As you go along, your workout routine can increase in intensity and length as you develop and as you push your body to its limits to achieve even greater workout heights.

On that note

And on that note,

Apart from subjecting your body to an exercise regimen, you should cultivate patience as well. Results won’t come overnight, as we all know.

Commitment and determination is the key to achieving what you want in anything, after all.

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